Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Get a Free iPod Touch!

Free iPod Touch

Get a Free iPod Touch from Apple!

The *NEW* iPod touch is now available for FREE!

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Did you know that you can get a free iPod touch from Apple? This method has been PROVEN LEGITIMATE by major news networks like CNN and NBC - hundreds of people have received free iPods, free XBOX 360s, and free PS3s, and now YOU can get an iPod touch for FREE!

Beat the rush and sign up for your free iPod touch first!

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How do you get a free iPod Touch?

You're probably thinking this is some sort of scam, and that you can't really get a free iPod Touch. Maybe you've heard of friends trying to get a free iPod and having to fill out pages and pages of surveys and sign up for piles of expensive products. But we've researched and found the free iPod Touch site where you only have to try ONE simple free trial to get your free iPod touch. No surveys, no expensive products, just a great new cool iPod Touch straight from Apple!

Find out more about how this Site Works!

Need proof that this works?

Check out the Freebie Proof section to see videos, read articles, and see proof pictures from real people like you who have already received free iPods! This free iPod touch site is run by a proven legitimate company that has already given out prizes including the ones you see at the right.

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Step 1 : Sign up for a free iPod touch

Sign up at the link below to get your free iPod touch. This site has already sent out hundreds of free iPods, so we've verified that it really works. You can try other sites that you find online, but there's no guarantee that those sites will work. We recommend this free iPod touch site because it's been TRIED and TESTED to work. Need more info or help? Post below in the comments and I will answer any questions that you have about getting a free iPod touch.

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You can choose other prizes like free iPhones from this site too! Make sure you use a real email address (create a new one at GMail if you like). Use real information when you sign up so that the company can send you your free iPod touch! Remember that they have been proven legitimate, so will send you your free iPod touch if you do everything legitimately! If you need any help with the step please ask below in the comments.

free ipod touch

Step 2 : Try a free offer

Some people think that this part is hard, but it's actually quite easy - I've done over 30 offers for various legitimate freebie sites and I've NEVER been scammed or ripped off. These offers are easy trials, so just pick the one that you like the best. Don't skip this step! You must complete this step to get your free iPod touch!

If you need more info on free iPod touch offers Read this guide or as ask in the comments section below.free ipod touch

Basic rules

Don't break these rules! This is the only reason that you won't get your free iPod touch, so make sure you follow these rules!
- One account per household - don't use a public computer to sign up!
- Use real information - this is a proven legitimate site and they will not give out your information.

Need more help?

I guarantee that this system really works - I've tried it out myself and received prizes. I was very skeptical at first, but I did my research before getting started and found some legit sites. If you follow the steps in this guide you will get a free iPod touch. Just in case you have any questions or need any help, feel free to leave a comment and I'll answer it for you as soon as possible. Please don't hesitate to ask for help! I'm happy to explain the system to you so that you can get your free iPod touch like me!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Free iPod Touch Basics

Free iPod Touch basics

Legitimate free iPod sites all work in basically the same way :

  1. Create an account
  2. Complete an advertiser's offer

Anyone who completes these requirements without trying to cheat the system will get a free iPod touch shipped to them.

Why will this site send me a free iPod touch?

The free iPod touch system is completely legal and is not any sort of scam or pyramid scheme. Here's how it works. For each person that signs up and completes an offer, the free iPod touch freebie site is paid a bounty from the advertisers who provide the offers. These offers are almost always free, no obligation trials of their products and services. While some offers are 100% free, others may cost a few dollars for shipping and handling. Although it might seem strange to have to "pay" for something that you are getting for free, you shouldn't have to pay more than about $7 - $10 at most to get your free iPod touch, and if you choose a totally free offer you won't pay a cent.

For each offer that you and anyone that you refer completes, the advertisers pay about $40-$50 to the free iPod touch freebie site. Once you have enough referrals, this money has more than paid for your free iPod touch.

The free iPod Touch cycle explained

  1. You register at the site.
  2. You complete advertiser's offers.
  3. The advertisers pay the free iPod touch freebie site for your offers.
  4. The free iPod touch freebie site sends you your free iPod touch.
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How does the free iPod touch freebie site make a PROFIT?

The free iPod touch freebie sites are businesses, and they are out to make a profit. But how do they do so, when they are legitimately giving away free iPods?

Freebie sites make money in two different ways. When someone signs up and completes an offer, but later on they try to "cheat" the system (by breaking one of the rules listed below) then they won't get their free iPod touch, but the freebie site still gets the bounty from their offer and the offers that their referrals did. In other cases, someone signs up and completes an offer, but they give up before getting enough referrals to get a free iPod touch. Again, the free iPod touch site gets to keep the money that they make off advertiser's offers.

free ipod touch cycle

Person A completes their offer, gets enough referrals, and gets their free iPod touch. Person B completes their offer, but doesn't get enough referrals. Person C completes their offer but they try to cheat the system by breaking the rules.

Make sure that YOU get your free iPod touch by completing the requirements and not cheating! It's easy to complete this legit site without resorting to breaking the rules, and you will get caught if you try to cheat. Why ruin your chances of getting a free iPod touch by giving up before getting your referrals or trying to get away with cheating the system? Get your referrals, play fair, and you will guaranteed to receive an iPod touch for free.

Free iPod Touch site rules

Make sure to follow these rules to be guaranteed to get your free iPod touch.

  • One account per household (don't let other people sign up using your computer.
  • Don't use a public computer to sign up (in case someone else signed up from the same place.
  • Use real information when you register. This site has been proven legitimate and they will not sell your information.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

What are Offers?

What is an "Offer"?

Offers on legitimate freebie sites like this free ipod touch site are from well-known legitimate companies. These are almost always free trials of products or services, and can be anything ranging from DVD rentals to book clubs to diet pills. There's always a wide variety of free and cheap offers to choose from so you can find something you're likely to want to try.

Why do you have to do an offer to get a free ipod touch?

Freebie sites like this free ipod touch site are paid by advertisers to refer people to try out the sample trial products. A new customer is a very valuable asset, and the advertisers are willing to pay the free ipod touch site for every person who tries out their product. The free ipod touch site then turns around and uses the profit they make to give YOU a free ipod touch! It's a win-win situation for everyone, the advertisers get new customers to try out their products, the free ipod touch site takes a small cut, and you get a free ipod touch!

What kind of offers are available?

There's a huge variety of offers available to get your free ipod touch. While some of the offers cost money, many of them are totally free or only require a small shipping and handling charge (average total cost of your offer is $5). Most offers are from well-known companies, and the offers are usually great discounts which give you a chance to try out something new!

How can you make sure that you get "credit" for trying the offer?

Almost always if you click on the offer listed in the free ipod touch site and complete it, it will automatically show up on your free ipod touch account. Once in a while you may need to request "manual credit" which just means that you will show the free ipod touch site that you completed an offer (just follow the instructions on the free ipod touch site). Here are some tips to ensure that you get automatically credited for trying the offer :

  • Make sure you choose an offer you have never done before (you can only try each offer once!).
  • Use Internet Explorer if possible, or Firefox, for any offer signups.
  • Clear your cookies right before completing the offer.
  • Make sure you go to the offer site by clicking from the offers page on the free ipod touch site.
  • Save any confirmation emails you receive from the Offer Company.

What are the best offers?

You should always pick an offer which you are genuinely interested in. Take a look through the available offers and choose the one which appeals to you the most. You are likely to find some great new products and services this way! The best offer is always the one you like the most!

Can you do an offer more than once?

You can NEVER do the same offer more than once, even for different freebie sites. This is considered fraud! Freebie sites are constantly adding new cool offers so you won't have trouble finding one you like that you haven't done before.

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More questions?

Still have questions about offers? Feel free to ask in the comments section below!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Getting Referrals

What is a "Referral"?

A referral is someone who signs up using your referral link (under you) to get a free ipod touch. Anyone who signs up for a free ipod touch using your referral link who then completes an offer counts towards your account. When you have enough referrals, you will be shipped your free ipod touch.

Why do you have to get referrals to get a free ipod touch?

Each referral who completes an advertisers offer is contributing towards your free ipod, because the advertisers pay a bounty to the free ipod touch site for completed offers.

What is a free ipod touch "referral link"?

Your free ipod touch referral link is a unique web address which links to the free ipod touch site. Anyone who signs up after clicking that link will become one of your referrals!

Do referrals count if they do not do an offer?

Only people who sign up and complete the free ipod touch offer requirements "count" towards the total number of people you need to refer. Make sure that you do your offer so that you can tell your referrals how this part works and you can all get a free ipod touch!

How many referrals do you need?

The number of referrals required to get a free ipod touch varies from site to site, and also depends on which ipod touch you decide to get for free. Check the free ipod touch site to see the requirements.

How can I get referrals?

There are literally hundreds of ways to get free ipod touch referrals.

  • Ask your friends or family - remember that only one account is allowed per household, so don't let your friends use your computer to sign up!
  • Make posters and put them up at school or on campus - be creative and tell people how it works!
  • Create a webpage - create a webpage like this one to tell people how to get a free ipod touch.
  • Trade referrals - you can trade referrals with someone who is working on a different freebie site.
  • Post your referral link in forums - remember, do not spam, check the forum rules first!
  • There's lots of other ways to get referrals, so use your imagination and before you know it you will have enough referrals to get a free ipod touch!
Sign up here for a free 16GB iPod touch!

More questions?

Still have questions about referrals? Feel free to ask in the comments section below!